4 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast AND For Top Dollar

    Hey! Do you want to sell your home fast AND for top dollar?

    Well, in this quick video we share with you how to position your home to sell quickly while grabbing the highest sales price possible.

    We dive into 4 key areas..

    #1 Pricing Your Home Correctly

    One of the biggest myths in real estate is that an agent picks the price. As a matter of fact, No one picks the price of your home – not your listing agent, not the buyers agent, not even the buyer themselves – see, the only thing that determines the price of your home is the market place. You List too high and you sit, You list too low and you leave money on the table. For any marketing effort to be effective you need to position yourself correctly. Buyers chooses house by VALUE, not price, so do your research and strike it right out of the box and you’ll get the top dollar every time.

    #2 Presentation is everything

    How your home shows online and in person to prospective buyers determines how quickly you’ll sell your home and, therefore, how much your buyer is going to pay. As we mentioned, the market determines the price range at which your home will sell but you get to determine how high in that range a buyer will have to pay. See how you present your home to your prospective buyers determines how desire and competition you will drive into your potential customer. Understand that buyer’s decide to buy a house on logic but they choose which one on emotion, so how your home shows it tremendously important. Painting that lime green bedroom will cost you a couple hundred bucks and a weekend but will result in thousands of dollars on your sale price. This is so important in fact, before we take any property to market, we pay for a staging consultation, professional photos, HD virtual tour, and a custom home floor plan so that we can make sure our client’s home will generate the largest impact in the market as quickly as possible.


    #3 Don’t just implement a marketing plan, launch a marketing arsenal

    The competition for buyer’s is fierce and with so much competing for buyer’s attention these days you need to cut through the noise and stand out above your competition. With 95% of buyers starting their home search online posting it on a few websites or throwing it on MLS these days just won’t do. In order to reach the right buyers at their point of decision, We recommend a dual “High Tech” and “High Touch” approach which combines the large reach of the internet with the power of the person to person connection. Making sure you are showcased everywhere your buyers are looking is the key but also identifying exactly who your buyers are is often overlooked. The big websites are obvious but leveraging social media, pay per click campaigns, you tube videos, and google rankings requires a lazer focused approach to be successful. In addition, with the technological revolution in how a home gets sold, many people forget that people buy houses, not computers, so getting in to the community, educating buyers, calling them on the phone, knocking on their doors, and cultivating them face to face is more important than ever.


    #4 Don’t just sell your home; sell your lifestyle.

    Buyers are not just deciding on a home, they are deciding on a lifestyle for them and their family so highlighting the selling points of your area, neighborhood and town are extremely important. A good way of determining what a buyer will find desirable is remembering why you decided to purchase your home. Was it the school system? Are you close to the beach, shopping, or restaurants? Was it easy to access major roadways and transportation? Or are you quiet and secluded? No matter what it is, Include these remarks in your advertisting and showcase photos of these huge benefits to your buyers. Remember Lots of buyers are moving in from out of area so what might seem obvious to you might not be obvious to them. Educate them and you’ll be the one financially rewarded!


    Be Moved.

    Matt Hayes

    Keller Williams & the Group 46:10

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